Welcome to the website of UK actor Anthony Pedley

.....and sorry to say that I feel the time has now come to cut back on the number of performances that I give each year.

Roald Dahl died when he was 74, and now that I'm well past that age, rather than retire altogether I feel that I ought to just ease up accordingly!

During the past 20 years I've visited more than 1500 schools and given over 1000 performances of each show. However, I shall now focus on fewer shows, as and when required, so please get in touch with my marketing agent (Adrian) to see if we can arrange a visit.



If you wish to make a booking for "A Taste of Dahl" or the storytelling version of ''The BFG'' click below. This will get you through to my marketing agent, Adrian Phillips.

Email: ade@minimumego.com

Telephone: 07796 906725