What the Children thought

‘You were Brilliant and it was funny and good. Thank you and my favourite part was when you done the ’Whizpop’.’

Stephen, Bromet Primary School, Watford


‘When you visited us, it was as if you brought Dahl back to life. You have influenced me to go back and read Roald Dahl books. Once again, thanks ever so much for coming in’

William, Horsford Middle School, Norwich.


‘Everybody thinks your play was so lovely everybody said it is funny and nice. It was lovely. I read some Roald Dahl books with my teacher. THANK YOU!!!!’

Natasha, Maidenhill Junior School, Luton


‘Thank you for coming to our school and acting as Roald Dahl! It was fantastically wonderful!!!! I really enjoyed the bit where you ran up to us and pulled a face like a mouse. I couldn’t stop laughing. We all really enjoyed it. Thank you!’

Amy, Nacton CE Primary School

What the teachers thought

‘A Taste of Dahl is an experience that condenses a lifetime of fabulous story writing into a fun sized hour. Every word is taken from the great man's hand and construed and moulded into it's own fascinating tale.

There was some concern that the Year 3s' attention would waver but with drama, intrigue, huge energy and props of the most ingenious relevance, such anxieties melted away like a Wonka Bar under a pilot's hat!

Anthony Pedley demonstrates how those strange, and sometimes bothersome, squiggles and symbols on a page can be conjured into awe -inspiring tales and wonderful characters…… a shot in the arm for reluctant readers and a joyful reminder to those of experience.’

Owen Lucas, All Hallows School, Somerset


'Thank you for a most entertaining afternoon. The children were thrilled with all the different parts to your act. Roald Dahl is definitely back in the top 3 authors list!'

Chrishall Holy Trinity and St Nicholas CE Primary School, Royston, Herts.


'Your performance was hugely popular and, as I have heard from children and parents, many have been inspired to read or re-read the Roald Dahl novels. Thank you for bringing the work of Roald Dahl alive for us all.'

Sherrardswood School, Welwyn, Herts.


'The professionalism of your show made a big impression on them. Whilst obviously enjoying Dahl's own words, it struck me how much they understood about how you'd woven fiction and fact together. Also about the nature of performance, that little is needed to create a whole new world - other than tremendous skill!'

British School of Brussels.


'Thank you very much for your performance a couple of weeks ago at Wittering. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and it has given them renewed Dahl enthusiasm. I will recommend you without question in the future.'

Wittering Primary School, Peterborough.


'Thank you for your time today - the children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves.’

Bandon Hill Primary School, Wallington, Surrey.